Our Partnerships


Our Partnership

Coaching Direct deliver our coach training and provide our coaching supervision, as is required by the Association for Coaching.

Coaching Direct Services

Coaching Direct are an accredited coach training provider, emotional intelligence certification centre for the EQi tool and run fully integrated coaching banks for organisations.


 Our Partnership

Ali Stewart & Co is the accreditation body for Liberating Leadership® and provides us with training and support in delivering the Liberating Leadership®  programme.  


Ali Stewart & Co Services

The vision for Liberating Leadership is to help every leader on the planet make developing their people their number priority, and we are happy to share this definitive programme with our clients.

As well as Liberating Leadership®, Ali Stewart & Co is also the accreditation body for the Pioneering Professional®, a game-changing programme, encouraging everyone to higher standards of performance. 

For leaders needing a deeper insight into self-understanding, Ali Stewart & Co offers the profound Insights Deeper Discovery model, which helps leaders and senior teams think deeply about their vision and purpose.

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