Improving performance and realising potential

What We Do

For Individuals


Personal Coaching

Are you struggling to go to work in the morning, looking for a career change, feeling that you are undervalued or not coping with your work-load?  

Perhaps you are  ready to get back to work after children,  feel that you need to change your lifestyle or have had a dramatic change in circumstances that is scaring you?  There are many reasons that you  might employ a coach.

By providing a supportive, yet challenging, environment our coaching services will allow clients to explore how they can achieve their full potential, particularly in their careers and businesses, but also in their personal lives.   It will allow clients to rediscover their own strengths, develop accountability, productivity and resilience and increase performance and satisfaction. 

Fiona will not tell you what to do, or provide advice,  but will listen to you and challenge your thinking and beliefs.  She will create head space for you to find your own answers. Using a proven framework, she will help you define your current situation, identify your goal and establish a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal.   She will help you monitor your progress, keeping you on track and working towards your goal. 

For Business


Liberating Leadership®

Liberating Leadership® is an award winning leadership development programme, based on 25 years of research into high performing leaders. The research found that the high performing leaders had a consistent and remarkably similar approach. That approach has been developed and defined in Liberating Leadership®.

Liberating Leadership® has a set of practical competencies and a process to follow, which focuses leaders on delivering a high challenge/high support culture. It develops the characteristics of positive regard and genuineness which, along with high expectations and reinforcement of positive behaviours, creates an environment of high performance.


A leadership training programme, taking you on a path from transactional to transformational leadership, which provides a legacy for the future.   

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, a team leader or an employee, business coaching can help you develop your skills and improve your chances of success.  It will help you set better goals, achieve those goals, make better decisions and improve your relationships.  

Critical thinking will be developed by use of objective, thought-provoking questions.  Identifying your own strengths, skills and abilities will build your confidence and help you to develop accountability and performance.

Motivational Maps® for Teams

For managers and leaders, understanding your team’s individual motivators is key.  Using the Motivational Maps® tool, we can help you recognise  your employees' motivational drivers, understand how individual drivers affect the performance of the team and identify reward strategies that work.

Learning about your own motivators, and those of your team members,  improves working relationships, enhances appraisal processes  and supports change management.

When individual motivators are not being met it leads to lowered expectations, lack of business and personal growth and ultimately burnout.  However, when a team is highly motivated, you get engagement, loyalty and maximum performance.  


  "Fiona is an outstanding leader who excels in inspiring and motivating those around her. She has an uncanny ability to instil confidence, challenge you and build trust and rapport effortlessly. Fiona has been my biggest mentor and has influenced my career in ways I never thought possible. "   

  "Great structured session, seemed progressive and I left the session with lots of brain activity."