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Leadership Development

Changing leadership thinking and transforming organisations with an award-winning leadership program

Develop into a top-level leader that produces bottom-line results

A good team needs a good leader! Having the right beliefs and behaviours is key to effective leadership. It can make all the difference between success and failure for a team, project or indeed the future of a company.

After all, there’s no better competitive advantage for an organisation than having great people – and I can help you get there.

Whether you are on the path to higher management or just starting your journey to becoming an amazing leader the Liberating Leadership® programme can help you:

Reach your leadership potential

Reach your leadership potential

Improve team dynamics

Improve team dynamics

Create a culture of workplace wellbeing

Create a culture of workplace wellbeing

Boost productivity & impact the bottom line

Boost productivity & impact the bottom line

Leadership Development

What is Liberating Leadership®?

The Liberating Leadership® programme moves your leaders from inconsistent approaches to consistent, effective leadership, even when you’re not there to support them.

I use this highly effective training method for developing leaders at all levels in an organisation. Based on 25 years of research and testing into the beliefs and behaviours of high-performing leaders, it builds on existing models of leadership.

How it works

Together with my step-by-step training and support, Liberating Leadership® has a set of practical competencies and easy-to-follow processes which…

focuses leaders on delivering a high challenge/high support culture

develops the characteristics of positive regard and genuineness

develops high expectations and reinforcement of positive behaviours

creates an environment of high performance

Leadership Development

The cost of bad management

More than 2 in 5 (43%) workers have left a job at some point in their career because of bad management, while a poll also found that more than half (53%) of those considering leaving their jobs say that they were looking to change roles because of their manager.

At More Than Motivation, I understand the value of strong leadership in building and maintaining a successful team and securing the future of your organisation.

The cost of poor management can be significant and affect many vital areas of a business including:

low morale

lack of focus

workplace disengagement

lack of productivity & profitability

poor workplace wellbeing

high staff turnover & recruitment costs

Want to lead your team to success? – Let’s Talk

To find out more about how Liberating Leadership® can help you develop a high-performance culture with leaders that get positive results, get in touch for a FREE no-obligation consultation.

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